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Open Chords

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As a beginner you’ll want to learn how to position your hands correctly on the fretboard. Learn how to read chord charts as well as where to correctly place the finger-tips on the fretboard.

Barre Chords

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Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll next want to learn how to barre correctly. It takes time to master, so be patient, but with these useful tips and how to’s you’ll get there.

Finding the Notes

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Guitarists are legendary for not being able to read music or perhaps even know what note it is they’re playing. Don’t be one of them and it’s not as tricky as you might think.

Music Theory

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You can now complete your music theory grades 1, 2, & 3. Each week you’ll be sent a series of emails which link to the MKGTV streaming service, guiding you through each chapter of the book.

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Interested in learning the finger-style guitar technique? This journey will teach you how to understand the basics finger-style guitar and a couple of songs to try by your self too.

Scales & Arpeggios

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Master 70% of the fretboard using scales A minor or C Major. Once you’ve mastered these scales in their different positions, you’ll be able to reference where these notes are on the fretboard.


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The CAGED guitar system allows guitarists to find out what chord it is they’re playing. The CAGED guitar system will help you to understand relationships between chord types and chord shapes.

Strumming Patterns

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As a beginner different strumming patterns & technique awareness is useful. Enjoy casual email tips to help with your journey. Tips include how to mute a chord and strum some strings and not others.

12 Bar Blues

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The 12 bar blues sequence is useful to teach beginners because it provides structure and order. Once you understand the basic pattern you can add to the sequence and change key / positions.