We're back to online lessons :) - Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition

We’re back to online lessons :)

Online guitar / piano & music theory lessons

This is a quick update to let you know that we’re back online for the time being. If you haven’t had an online lesson with me yet, you’ll need to get in touch to receive the Zoom meeting ID. We’re making the most of learning online as most recently one of my students Woody Brown has performed tunes from the grades 3-5 syllabus provided by Trinity Rock & Pop. He’s put a lot of effort into learning these tunes so it just goes to show what you can achieve when you’re not learning in person. It takes concentration and the willingness to learn. With these ingredients you’ll succeed whether it’s online or offline.

What do online lessons look like?

Is that the quality of sound I can expect to hear during an online lesson?

The above video is the sound you can expect to hear through your system. When having an online guitar, piano or music theory lesson, it’s best to use an iPad or tablet of some description if you don’t have access to a newish lap top. Also, if you have kids, the chances are that they’ll have a gaming headset, that seems to be (from experience), the better way to get a clear sound as microphones on laptops, just aren’t up to scratch.

What software do you use to teach?

The software which I use to teach is Zoom! What’s different about my set up is that you’ll have a multi-camera view of the guitar which will show you what you need to see during your online lesson. If you’ve had a previous teacher and been frustrated with not being able to see or hear the guitar clearly enough, give it another go with me, You’ll probably be surprised as to how clear the visuals and audio can be. I’ve invested in the right gear for you t o hear and see what you need to learn. Also, the sessions on zoom will be a continuous hour without interruptions.