Should i learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar first? - Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition

Should i learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar first?

Most parents are understandably more reluctant to buy expensive instruments for their child because they’re afraid that they’re going to give up sooner rather than later.

My advice is to assess where the interest of learning has come from. If you know they’re naturally into playing music which include guitars, and you know it’s an electric guitar which they’re super keen on, then the answer is obvious.

Parental influence is a huge motivator for learning to play. Playing music around your house all the time effects their tastes and what they’ll probably want to learn. Although parental influence and motivation helps, it’s important to remember that they are the ones that have to be interested. If you’re interested in learning the guitar, let’s get started.

If it’s clear that you or your child are interested in the electric, then buy an electric. If you’re unsure what style it is but they’ve expressed an interest in learning, buy an acoustic or classical then as a reward purchase their first electric guitar.

The skills are transferable, so which ever way round you choose, it’s not going to be a waste..