The Beginner

£6.48 pcm

• 14 days free trial

• Access to course content

• Facebook groups

• Multi-cam videos

• High Audio Quality

The intermediate

£6.48 + £8.05

• Access  to course content

• Facebook groups

• Multi-cam videos

• High Audio Quality

• 3 emails per month (tuition support)

The Advanced

£6.48 pcm + £ 16.01

• Access to course content

• Request bespoke tutorials

• Facebook groups

• Multi-cam videos

• High Audio Quality

• 6 emails per month (tuition support)

• 1 x 1/2 hr 1:1 online lessons per month

Improve your strumming

Beginners & intermediates

What you get

Increase your practice time by an average of 10 minutes. Improve your strumming patterns and feel confident. You’ll be able to request 2 video a months to help you and your guitar playing or enjoy existing content.

Feel confident

You may be used to a different guitar style or perhaps you’re a beginner. Strumming can feel frustrating at times. I want to help you understand the basics whilst improving your technique and help you get past your barre chords.

Facebook group

Interested but not sure? You can try it out for 14 days and/or join the Facebook group. Here you’ll be provided with song suggestions that are aimed at the beginner and intermediate guitar player. Looking forward to helping you out.

From £6.48

Request your own content

Start your free trial.

14 days

Not sure? I’d like to invite you to try MK Guitar Tuition TV for 14 days. Using the form below you’ll be able to improve your guitar skills and take your playing to  the next level. The video will then appear on MK Guitar Tuition TV.

Gift your subscription

Improve skill with confidence.

Fancy gifting the subscription to somebody you know? You can gift any number of months or as a yearly or monthly gift. Suitable for developing their guitar techniques. They can enjoy existing content or request their own.

Pay monthly or yearly

Improve your playing

You can pay monthly or you can pay yearly. I want to be able to add value to your guitar practice routine by 10 minutes. I’ll be accessible via email to discuss the video further, or alternatively you can book an online lesson at a time to suit you.

Bespoke video tutorials

Request or enjoy existing content

Request or enjoy existing video tutorials on MK Guitar Tuition TV. The aim of this subscription service is to add value to your practice routine and time by 10 minutes. Additional 1:1 online lessons are also available.

MK Guitar Tuition TV

Improve your guitar skill.

Please provide me with a little bit of info about your playing ability.This will help me to cater the video to your level.
Tutorial content. Please explain what you would like instructional guitar video to be about.