Trinity Rock & Pop, song demos.

Purchases are non refundable – Lifetime access.

About the Downloads

For educational reasons.

Are you studying with the Trinity Rock & Pop syllabuses? These videos are pre recorded demos which you can watch over and over again to assist you with your learning. You will not hear the backing tracks but you will hear the guitar part as expected to be performed. You are advised to purchase the Trinity Rock & Pop series using the link below.

Product example

No backing tracks – just a solo guitar.

Exam Demos

Purchases are per grade.

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Free Download – Guitar Chord Chart & Scales!

Looking for a clear and accurate chord chart? Download this free guitar chord chart, today.

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 5

Heartbreaker, Wake Up, Are You Gonna Go My Way are available.

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 4

Song Demos, available except: She Sells Sanctuary

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 3

Demo for Grade 3 songs

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 2

Demo for Grade 2 songs

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 1

Demo for Grade 1 Songs


All demo purchases are non refundable and progress is dependant on individual.

Useful Tips

When learning

How to use

You’ll find a demo of the products as above. You’ll need to create an account whilst purchasing to access the videos on this website. Feel free to contact me to book a lesson. You can slow the videos down when practising too.

The demonstrations within the videos are of the same standard you would need to reach to receive the top marks. Use them as a learning aid or a visual check for when you’re practising during the week.

Your new learning aid.

You’ll be able to practise more precisely with out the assistance of the backing track which can someitmes be confusing if you’re not use to distinguishing the instruments. Backing tracks come with the books as a free download once you’ve purchased the books from Trinity’s website.

Once you’ve purchased the demos you’ll be able to login to the website and view the videos once logged in. What you won’t hear is the backing track, but you will hear is a clear demonstration of the songs that  you can choose from.