Learn guitar online

Looking for reasons to learn online?

Chrome Cast your lesson

Fancy learning online? You can chrome cast your lesson to the big TV! Once your chrome cast is set up, all you need to do is Chrome Cast your screen.

Save the fuel!

In person lessons every other week.

Guitar or Piano Tuition near Milton Keynes

Save on travel, enjoy the convenience.

You’ll notice what you’ll save by not having to travel to your lessons every week. When things resume to some sort of normality, the first week of every month can be in person and the rest will be online.

Enjoy clear audio

From me to you

High quality audio

You’ll receive high quality audio and a multi-camera set up so that you can see what’s going on and hear clearly. During the introductory lesson we’ll make sure your set up is ok. Once established, you’ll know what to do for the next lesson.

Flexible learning

Be anywhere!

Flexible Learning

Online learning has made everybody’s schedule a lot more Flexible. So long as there’s a decent wifi connection, you could be learning guitar piano or music theory from anywhere!

In different places?

Join the meeting.

 In different places?

Want to be present in the lessons? You’re welcome to log on to Zoom as well from where ever you are.

Face to face

360 Virtual Tour – MK Guitar Tuition

Contact me

Whether you want to learn online or face to face, I teach in a way that suits your style of learning rather than you having to fit into my style of teaching.

360 Virtual Tour

Fancy in person lessons? Have a virtual tour of where you’ll be learning. It’s always nice to know what the environment is like before you arrive.