Guitar accessories

My top 8 guitar accessories

How to improve your practice time

You’ve been learning for just under a year and you’re wondering how can I improve my practice time?

What accessories can I buy to help encourage myself or my child? Over time, you’ll want to make a dedicated practice area.

I’ve listed my top 8 items that you could start with and even buy more of the same over time.

Guitar stool

I’ve had a few stools over my life time and the best aren’t actually guitar stalls at all – they’re just not that comfortable.

The stool that myself and my students sit on when practicing is a Roland piano stool. It’s prices is £135 but it’s comfortable and you’ll be thinking more about your guitar and less about your bottom.

It looks fancy too because it’s made out of quality material and it’s excellent value for money for the price. It will last for years.

Ambivalent at the time of purchase, I’m glad one of my students unintentionally broke the old one. (you’re forgiven).

Recommended product:

Roland RPB-400BK Satin Black Piano Bench with Compartment


When we own accessories that look and function easily, we’re more likely to use it. My favourite is google’s metronome.

Here are some examples of good quality metronomes that aren’t based online:

Recommended products:

Wittner Metronome Pyramid, Walnut Finish

Korg Multi-Function Digital Metronome Blue/Black

Guitar Wall hanger

Guitar wall hangers are a great way to keep a guitar safe and to encourage practice. By seeing the instrument on a daily basis you’ll be reminded what it is you love about the guitar and also what you might find annoying, which encourages practice.

Recommended products:

Hercules GSP39WB PLUS AGS Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

These wall hangers are great but they’re not made for classical guitars becuase their necks are too wide. Even if they fit, these hangers will damage the wood. They are made for electric or acoustic guitars though.

Guitar strap

Decent guitar straps say that you care about your guitar and your back. Cheap guitar straps will itch and feel uncomfortable bacause they’re less likely to hold it’s shape.

The next thing to consider, is will it match your guitar’s colour etc? And yes, guitarists can be fussy about this sort of thing..

Recommended product:

Guitar straps

Orchestral music stand x 2

As with any product you can get cheap versions and the more expensive. Cheaper music stands are flimsy. And won’t be able to hold a larger book.

Overtime, there might be an argument for two stands. Sometimes sheet music is printed and spreads therefore, extra accommodation might be appreciated. If this isn’t yet the case, it’s useful to have a second stand to store books.

Recommended products:

TOURTECH Orchestral Sheet Music Stand

Guitar string accessories

When changing a set of guitar strings the process isn’t just about swapping the strings over. It’s also about the maintenance of the fretboard. Some basic string cutting and peg winding tools are needed too.

Recommended products:

Lemon oil

peg winder

Guitar cleaning cloth

GrooveTech Guitar / Bass String Cutter

Always try and buy the item which is specific for the job, it will be better quality.

Books / Dedicated guitar book shelf

You can download sheet music from Sheet Music Direct. It’s not free, but you can pay for a pass subscription which allows you to see the music before a 50% discounted rate. As for actual music books, Music Room is also reliable.

It will become clear when a book shelf is needed.

Mobile phone holder

A decent camera clamp is useful to mount a mobile phone holder on to. Particularly if recording your practice time regularly. Phone holders can be a bit hit and miss so be prepared to try a few.