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Music exams what’s the latest?

Music Exam Updates – Covid19

Teachers and parents are wondering what’s happening with the exams in recent times. So, I thought I would put all the information here from the different exam boards which you may be studying with.


ABRSM have ran a successful pilot online Music Theory exam scheme where they trialed 3500 candidates, for their grade 5 exam. The exam took place online in their own homes, on August 26th, but it wasn’t without issues. ABRSM are currently ironing out the technical details, and their next online exam will take place on 10th November at 5pm. You can book an online exam from September 28th and closes on Octrober 12th 2020.

What’s going to happen on exam day? 

If you’ve opted in for doing your music theory exam online with ABRSM and thinking it’s going to be a breeze because it’s online, think again! They will be monitoring what you’re doing during the course of your exam through your webcam, so you will be required to show that you have no books available and the piano/keyboard is covered so you can’t reference to it. Also, if you’re under 18 a parent / guardian will be required to sit with you for the duration of the exam. ID is also required. Blank paper will also be checked.

Two weeks before the exam, you or your teacher will receive the links and login information that you will need to complete the exam. The software is downloadable and the software is specific to ABRSM. You won’t be able to cheat. ABRSM have religiosly stuck to their historical time of 5pm on the first Tuesday of Nov.

There are changes to the syllabus and some of the exam paper’s questions have been updated. Because you’re using a computer, you won’t be expected to copy anything such as question 9 which typically asks you to copy out bars 1-5 including all details. It’s an exam based around muliple choice, but with the same outcome of understanding required.

There are some small changes to the syllabus for these exams and some updated questions. You can find full details on our website here, along with free Music Theory Sample Papers and Model Answers at Grades 1 to 5, plus additional resources, including Grade 5 practice questions in the online format, a step by step user guide and a video demo of the exam.

Practical exams

You can complete your grades by uploading and sending in your video via their website.

Trinity Rock & Pop, etc.

Using the Rock & Pop syllabus? Did you find it difficult to find Trinty’s Booking system to book in the first place? As did we. Their set up if you don’t know it, is a bit confusing. They direct you to to download tracks and books etc, but there’s no information there on how to book for their exams once exam ready. Trinity essentially have more than one brand; Trinity College London and Trinity Rock & Pop. You actually book through Trinity College London’s website, rather than which is a service just for downloading their books & audio. So, if you’d like to book with trinity when bookings are open, you can find their link here.

Unsurprisingly, Trinity have also opted in for digital performances e.g. via video.

Rock School

Rock school have also opted in for digital video performances. Rock School also provide in some locations covid-19 secure face to face exams.