ABRSM Music Theory Books

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Music Theory Courses

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Music Theory Courses.

ABRSM Theory course

Online or face to face music theory courses are available with Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition. Grades 1-5 are covered with ABRSM and exams are taken online when ready to do so. In this music theory course, you can complete from grades 1 – 5 using their very own work book.

ABRSM Music Theory

Grades 1-5

Using ABRSMs work book, you’ll work your way through ABRSMs grades at your own pace. Either online using zoom, or offline in person. Music theory isn’t just for guitarists, you could be playing another instrument too. Improve your theory knowledge and order your book today.

Music Theory lessons online.

ABRSM Theory course

If you would rather have lessons than a ‘course’, you can. Music theory courses are designed so that you’ll be ready within a number of weeks. Where as music theory lessons are slightly more laid back. You’ll cover the same material just over a longer period of time.

Music theory Advanced

Grades 3-5

‘Advanced’ Music theory courses are available with ABRSM. These levels will typically be grades 3-5. There’s a big jump between grades 3 and 4. Preparing yourself for the advanced music theory levels, will require practice during the week too.

Online Music Theory Course

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