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Music GCSE Results

Receiving your music GCSE results?

If you’re receiving your music GCSE results today, good luck. With the U turn on the grading system recently I do hope it works out for the better. Music is about experiences not just what’s on paper and if you do want to benefit from online tuition whilst studying at the next level, do give Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition a shout as lessons are available online or offline.

A little bit about me and when I did my music GCSE.

I was hopeless at exams back then but very good at the practical side of music. I got something like

Performance A*

Perofarnce 2 B

Composing B

And an F for the paper.

Always turn up and try for exams, but honestly I would have ended up with overall C grade without having done the paper – always do try though!