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MKGTV is a subscription channel where you can gain access to all pre recorded guitar tutorials and music theory audio books for grades 1-3. MKGTV is designed for beginners and intermediate guitar players.

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MKGTV allows you to keep the focus with relevant content. Designed for the beginner and intermediate guitarist, use MKGTV without the distraction of adverts to remind you what to do during practice time.


Try MKGTV free, for 30 days.  Gain access to high quality audio and video demonstrations designed to help you learn with confidence between lesson times.  ABRSM music theory audio books are also available.

Beginner guitarists

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Featured product: ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory (audio)

Whether your learning to play guitar or another instrument, music theory is available with ABRSM via MK Guitar Tuition. Grades 1-5 can be acheived and you can make  a start with my unofficial grade 1 music theory audio book.

Guitar Challenges


Open Chords

3 Emails – Ready 

As a beginner you’ll want to learn how to position your hands correctly on the fretboard. Learn how to read chord charts as well as where to correctly place the finger-tips on the fretboard.

Barre Chords

3 Emails – Ready 

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll next want to learn how to play barre chords. It takes time to master, so be patient, but with these useful tips and how to’s you’ll get there.

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There are several topics available to help you and your guitar journey to either compliment your MKGTV streaming experience or to improve your practice time on a weekly basis.

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