Looking for a unique Christmas Gift? - Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition

Looking for a unique Christmas Gift?

Looking for a musical Christmas gift?


If you’re looking for a gift this Christmas which is a little different and one that supports a local business in Beds Herts and Bucks, mkguitartuition.com / bedfordguitarteacher.club have you thought about some guitar, piano or music theory lessons? It’s perfectly possible to have a lesson online with a laptop, iPad, or tablet of some description.

It’s worth pointing out that so long as you have a decent internet connection, you can have the lesson from pretty much anywhere in the world.

It’s available online and you’re more than welcome to check out what the set up is like before purchasing for somebody else or even yourself by watching the video underneath, which shows you what it’s like to learn guitar online. There are five camera angle choices to choose from and the audio quality is great too.

Online lessons have slowly become the norm this year and whilst things will return to ‘normal’ at some point, learning online will be a continuing trend to some degree. Although the festive season will be different this year, you can still purchase a service which may encourage somebody else to take up an instrument or learn the theory of music – which applies to any instrument, not just guitar or piano.

How do I purchase?

Drop me an email via the contact form, explaining that you’re purchasing for somebody else and then it’s best to book an introductory lesson for half an hour which is £20.

Normally, I would request the bookings to be on a monthly basis, but as this is a gift, you can request as many or as little hourly or half hourly lessons that fits your budget. I’ll send you a one off payment form.

Half hour lessons are £20 whilst hourly lessons are £30.