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Logictech 4K Brio Webcam, review

Logictech 4K Brio Webcam

I thought I would write this review of the Logictech 4k Brio Webcam, from the point of view of somebody who isn’t being asked to promote it via a company or without it being approved by a third party and who is just an ordinary sole trader wishing to promote using YouTube video content and eliminate the frustration of audio sync and quality issues that typically come with the iMac’s iSight camera and a look a like Go Pro camera which, by the way, works well for teaching and demonstrating, but not so much for creating videos to publish on social media platforms.

The reason this set up doesn’t work so well, is because the iSight camera doesn’t allow you to adjust the exposure etc to fit with your room’s conditions and the same goes for the look a like Go Pro camera that I have. It’s not a bad set up once you know how to condition your room with the right angles and basic lighting, which will still apply to the Logictech 4k Brio Webcam, but there is still frustration with image quality. I want to have a set up which was ready to go and plug and play which allowed me to press record without too much fuss and with the image quality being presentable enough.

At this moment my business doesn’t have any YouTube presence at all – which is about to change and I will be having a couple of uses for the Logictech 4K Brio. The first use is teaching using Zoom. It would be nice to have better image quality whilst teaching online. The second usage is to create good quality social media videos which you’ll want to watch and be surprised by the quality of a webcam

Before purchasing the product, I have already done a fair bit of research and watching YouTube videos that were super helpful but you felt a little biased. YouTubers often get asked to review products to influence the market. What was useful about this process was that I know what to expect and what not to expect.

What is my recording set up?

I won’t be using the camera’s on board microphone. Being a musician I really do notice the audio quality which is a big deal for me, so my process will involve using external audio equipment  and here’s what I have. An SM58 which is plugged into a Scarlet 8i8 which has a BSS DI Box plugged in for my guitar which is connected via my Boss Pedal Board. The issue with the iSight camera and my look a like go pro camera, is constant frame rate. Being two different camera sources, this will cause issues with syncing up audio and visuals in FCP/ So by using an open source software called OBS, with a higher quality webcam, should solve this issue as YouTubers have suggested.

Using OBS, you can import various recordings of your into your choice of editing software. If you were to use a DSLR camera constant frame rates aren’t an issue. Although I do actually have one, I’m after something which won’t take up a lot of room and stupid amounts of lighting. Plug and play, simplicity and some lighting is what I am after here.

How much is the Logictech 4k webcam?

I should say that as I’m writing this particular part of the review, I only ordered it yesterday which will arrive  sometime today on Thursday 31st July 2020.  The best price which I found on the internet was for £220 + £8.90 or so for shipping. Which is delivered next day using DPD. Here’s the link.

Although you had to register to buy the product, at the time of writing this article, £220 is the cheapest price out there which beats any YouTube amazon link and general search. Although you do pay for postage, DPD are probably the most useful delivery company as you get an hourly time slot which I’ve just received an email for at 8:06 this morning having ordered it yesterday at approximately 16:30 where my estimated delivery slot is 11:28 – 12:28. Quick service!

How much is the Logictech 4k webcam?

The packaging is simple. Comes in a nice square box, a stand to clip onto your small mobile phone like tripod or to clip over your monitor and a USB cable. It’s worth mentioning that you do need a particular USB cable that will allow you to record in 4k and I suspect that the camera isn’t going to be long enough. It’s a USB Type C to type A connection which is great as most computers have the type A connection installed. The Set up is simple enough. The software which comes with the camera allows you to adjust the exposure, field of view etc.

Installing the Logictech 4k Brio and my first impressions.

I’ve now unpackaged and installed the Logictech 4k Brio webcam which wasn’t much fuss at all. For a product so small there is a lot of space in the box, but it’s the camera which for the price should to a comparable job of my previous set up which is a look a like Go Pro camera and an iSight camera and it does.

I’ve since completed a couple of online music lessons with this webcam and it’s definately a lot better. I wouldn’t use the 4k feature for this purpose as it’s over kill for online teaching, but even in 1920 x 1080 pixels it’s still superior and the images aren’t blown out with the colour being off balance.  So for Zoom, it definitely works well.

What’s it like for recording YouTube Videos?

Once your used to the process of using OBS, the open source software for recording and syncing videos which you can then import into your editor of choice, knowing that you’re going to get a much better result makes the process worthwhile. Creating videos for YouTube takes time any way and you’ll still need to make sure the lighting works well as with any camera, but out of the box, it works well and it is minimal fuss to record once your use to the OBS software which is pretty straight forward.

To use the Logitech Brio camera controller software, you do need to have the latest Operating system on your mac, but using OBS will allow you to have the same controls when recording such as colour control. So that’s not actually a problem.

How’s the Constant Frame Rate?

I’m pleased to report that after having done a test run using OBS and Garage band to record the Audio, the audio syncs up beautifully. I did try to record using OBS’s on board audio recording but it seems to compress the quality heavily without any compression added. Perhaps I don’t know the software too well, but using Garage Band is definitely the better a way forward.