How to Book - Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition

 Step One

Message me.

  Contact me

The first step is to message me and check that the time that you prefer is available. You can do this via the facebook chat icon, sending me an email or by telephone. If you ring in the evening, the chances are, I’m teaching. So leave a message, send a text or Whatsapp.

 Step Two

I’ll need some details

Your email address

Your lesson will be confirmed via calendar invite whereby, I’ll send you the zoom link you’ll need to logon to the lesson, so at some point during the booking process, I’l need to be able to contact you via email.

 Step Three

Accept the inviatation


Once you’ve received the calendar invite, please accept the invitation. It’s important to do this, as this confirms what has happened and what has not.

Step Four

Sign up for your introductory lesson

  Via the Direct Debit form.

Once accepted, sign up to the one off charge for an introductory lesson. Although the form says Direct Debit, rest assured, it’s a one off payment. Once you’ve signed up, it allows for easy transfer of lesson payment plans later on.