Step One

Message me.

  Contact me

Step one is messaging me to check that your preferred time is available to book. You can use the contact form, on the contact page, facebook chat icon, What-App, or call. It’s best to message me as the chances are, I’m teaching. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you soon as possible.

 Step Two

Some of your details, are needed.

Your email address

Your email address is used to confirm lessons via calendar invitations, for which an email address is needed. Important information will be on the calendar invite such as, zoom address, lesson prices and lesson time. Your email address will also be used for the mailing list. You’ll occasionally be contact.

 Step Three

Accept the inviatation

Accept the inviation!

Please check the spam folder, for the calendar invitation. Calendar invites are from my personal email address. Please accept the invitation as this tells me that you’re aware of what’s going on, and it’s useful for future reference, too!

Step Four

Sign up for your introductory lesson

  Via the Direct Debit form.

Once you’ve confirmed the invitation, please sign up for a one off introductory lesson. Although the form says Direct Debit, you’ll only be charged once on this occasion.

Step Five

How to Cancel

  How to Cancel

• For monthly lessons, a  months notice is required with full payment as usual after you stop. For termly lessons a term’s notice is needed with full payment.

• I would also appreciate it if you ring me, or talk to me about it too rather than a surprise email

• You’re of course welcome to start lessons again at any point there after.