Milton Keynes Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons, MK.

  Enjoy face to face lessons

Are you looking for guitar lessons, in Milton Keynes? Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition provides electric, classical, acoustic and music theory lessons which can be online or in person.


Lessons are tailored on an individual 1:1 basis providing you with what you need as an incentive to keep practicing and making progress with your guitar skills. 

For fun or for grades.

Guitar lessons, MK.

Learn for fun or for grades.

You’re never too old to take an exam and they can be a great way to gauge your progress and feel satisfied with your guitar playing – but you are of course welcome to just learn for fun.


Using the exam boards recourses is a good starting point to learning new tunes as well as some new techniques along the way. 

How do I book?

I’d like to book an introductory guitar lesson with you.

How do I book?

Using the contact page please message me as this will give me a clear over view of the type of guitar player you are in Milton Keynes. You can find the contact page here.