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MK Guitar Tuition

Are you looking for a guitar teacher in Milton Keynes / UK /AU?

Hello, I’m Alex Partington,

You might be researching into which guitar teacher is going to suit you best. I can’t vouch for other guitar tutors on the Milton Keynes area, but more happens at MK Guitar Tuition than you might think.

I’m also expanding my reach to those of you in Perth Australia. This is so that I can teach in the mornings too. So feel free to drop me an message.

Choosing the right teacher

Here at MK Guitar Tuition, you’ll start your guitar journey by having a relaxed introductory that’s typically for 30 minutes, but can either be 45 or 60 minutes.

Due to my experience and interest in the guitar since the age of 5, I can confidently teach you acoustic – finger-style, classical, electric grades and music theory with ABRSM. Although you can of course just learn for fun.

Lessons are 1:1 and are tailored to your personality.

Grades 1-8 and grades 1-5

Whether you want to complete grades 1-8 with either Trinity Rock & Pop / Rock School for electric guitar or ABRSM or Trinity for classical guitar, you can achieve your grade 8 status. It’ll take time and perhaps a few years, but you’ll enjoy the rewards from a structured syllabus.

Music Theory with ABRSM is available too for grades 1-5. Their exams are completed anytime and online.

Graded exams with ABRSM Music theory 1-5
Learn music theory with ABRSM, online or face to face, or on-demand

Learn online or face to face

Learning online is a great way to develop your practicing style. Because it’s remote, you’ll be able to focus and rely on the information provided to you arguably in a quicker time frame than in person lessons.

If you’re able to learn in person and online, you’ll gain the independence needed sooner to improve your learning process. This is particularly a plus point if you’re 14-24 and you’r completing your Duke of Edinburgh skill’s section by learning the guitar and or some music theory too.

If you usually learn in person, opting in for online lessons when time doesn’t allow is a great reminder because, you’ll receive clear audio and visuals via zoom.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Learning the guitar for your Duke of Edinburgh is a great idea. The guitar takes a life time to learn and so you might achieve grade 5 theory with ABRSM within the 12 month time frame too and or just become really efficient at perfecting your new skill set.

Learning an instrument is a social skill. It’ll not online increase your confidence but you’ll be giving yourself an identity.

As you may already know, you can complete the skills section for either your Bronze, Silver or Gold within 3 6 or 12 months.

MK Guitar Tuition TV (MKGTV)

If you haven’t quite the time for in person lessons or even if you have, MKGTV is a subscription video platform but for guitar. Song demos are demonstrated at the correct tempo with a clean setting so you can hear exactly what’s going on. If you’re able to keep up with me in the video, you’ll be able to play against the backing track and in a band situation too.

PDF Chord Charts

It’s also worth knowing, that I create PDF Chord Charts too. So if you wanted to have a professionally made and visually pleasing chord chart created for you, you can request that too. or have a look at the existing PDF Chord Chart Library.

Sweet child of mine, chord chart

Book your intro

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