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Guitar Lessons, MK.

They’re fun and engaging.

Your guitar journey starts here.

You could just be starting out, studying for your GCSEs, A-Levels, or Higher Education. Perhaps you’re playing just for fun or maybe you’re looking to increase your confidence on the guitar. Either way I have you covered. Payment is on an upfront basis – term time only.

Gauge with the grades

Grades are a fantasic way to gauge and encourage progress within your guitar journey. They’ll naturally introduce techniques that are appropriate at each level whilst feeling satisfied after putting in the hard work. Some demos are available for downloads too but only if you’re studying with Trinity Rock & Pop.

Lessons are fun and engaging.

Lessons are fun and engaging. With grades available in both practical and the theoretical side of music, you’ll feel more confident as the lessons progress.  Equally, you can just learn for fun and perhaps more importantly at your own pace with the structure of exam curriculum but without the examination process.

 Book your introductory

If you’re interested in booking an introductory session the best thing to do is to contact me first to check that there’s availability. All lessons are term time only. You can pay by the month or half termly. If you choose to start in the middle of the term you’ll be charged the remaining number of weeks for that term.

Guitar Lessons, MK.

Face to face or online?

Face to face

Face to face lessons are fun and engaging. All are welcome but face to face lessons are particularly essential  if you’re a newbie. When learning the guitar you’ll of course need to be able to follow the instructions because the guitar has a language of it’s own. It’s also easier teach you the better habits.

Learn online (Book a Demo)

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been teaching online since the start of the pandemic. At the moment it’s a mixture of online and face to face lessons. Parents enjoy the convenince of learning online because they no longer have to travel saving money too! It’s also great for music theory.