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Beginner Guitar Chords

Master basic open chords.


• All open guitar chords

• How to change between each one

• Basic strumming patterns

• Apply your new skills to a grade 1 rock & pop tune.

Advanced Guitar Chords

Master advanced chord shapes


• All advanced guitar chords

• How to change between each one

• Right Hand Strumming Patterns

• One tune.

Singer Songwriter?

Fancy honing in your guitar skills?


• Chord Melodies to accompany your voice

• Acoustic guitar solo ideas to compliment the voice

• Discover new musical ideas such as harmonics / chord melodies

Learn to solo

Bends, Hammer-ons , Pull offs & more.


• Introduction to scales and positions

• Bends, slides, hammer ons / pull-offs & double stops

• Start to combine the above techniques to create your own soles

Know your harmonics?

Artificial • Natural • Pinched


• Natural Harmonics

• Artificial Harmonics

• Pinched Harmonics

Music Theory

Grades 1 – 5, ABRSM.

Within 12 sessions you could be ready to take your very first music theory exam. As you move through the grades you’ll increase your knowledge and confidence. Exams are taken online at any time with ABRSM.