Gift ideas fr guitar players

Gift ideas for guitar players

Xmas or Birthdays

Whether you’re looking to buy for the festive season of Christmas or Birthdays this blog article will help the non guitarist with some great gift ideas.

Guitar lessons (Online or face to face),

Guitar lessons are worth their weight in gold. Learning from YouTube and other social media platforms can be confusing and daunting. You can purchase online or offline weekly lessons for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes as a one off or a months’ worth.

If you’re wondering how learning online works, I have a specific set up which delivers high quality audio and visuals. Using Zoom, they’ll log in to the same address at the same time each week.

Introductory guitar lessons

If you’re booking a one off guitar lesson, introductory lessons happen on a Thursday with the last slot being available at 6:30pm.

Face to face lessons are for those living around the Milton Keynes area where you’ll be able to park on the drive.

If you’d like to book online or face to face you can do so here.

30 minute guitar lessons?

30 minute guitar lessons are ideal if they’ve never played before or not sure what they’re doing.

You can adjust the quantity for either a single or monthly lesson.

45 minute guitar lessons?

45 minute guitar lessons are ideal if they’ve played before and have some stamina and or interested in music theory

You can adjust the quantity for either a single or monthly lesson.


60 minute guitar lessons?

60 minutes is ideal if you’re completing the DofE awards and or have experience and would like to complete music theory grades 1 – 5 in addition to learning the guitar.

You can adjust the quantity for either a single or monthly lesson.


MKGTV Streaming service

MK Guitar Tuition Video streaming service is a online subscription platform designed for beginner guitar players. It’s where all guitar demonstrations are accessible between lesson times,

You can complete music theory grades 1, 2, & 3 designed to compliment ABRSM’s music theory workbook ‘Discovering Music Theory’.

Guitar accessories

Guitarists become very particular about what they like and don’t like and think others should follow suit.

Some in expensive guitar gift ideas for any occasion can include:

  • Strings
  • Plectrums
  • Guitar leads
  • Straps
  • Guitar Wall Stands
  • Metronome

Check out my blog post for a list of recommended guitar accessories for beginner guitarists.