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Booking your exam

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Booking the exam

You’re welcome to book the exam yourself by clicking on the image which is relevant to you. Alternatively I can book it for you – there’s the exam fee + admin fee  of £10.

Needed information

The information that you or I will need are as follows: Name of Candidate, Date of Birth, Level of grade, e.g. 1 2 or 3 etc, instrument, address of which the certificate to be sent.

Guitar / Piano / Music Theory

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Electric Guitar Teacher in Milton KeynesElectric / Acoustic Guitar

You can either learn for fun without the focus of taking exam grades or you can the exam grades which range from 1-8. Trinity Rock & Pop also provide a rock syllabus which has attracted the younger audience.

Music Theory Teacher in Milton KeynesMusic Theory

I use ABRSM to teach music theory grades, 1-5. ABRSM Have particular times throughout  the year to book your online exam which typically happens on a Tuesday at 5pm.

Electric Guitar Teacher in Milton KeynesClassical Guitar

Classical Guitar Syllabus is available with ABRSM or Trinity College London with Grades 1-8 also available.

Piano Teacher in Milton Keynes Piano

I typically teach piano grades using either Trinity or ABRSM. With ABRSM, to go beyond grade 5, you have to pass grade 5 music theory.