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Booking the exam

Using the images above, you can select the right exam board and complete the booking process. Alternatively, you’re welcome to pay me £20 & exam fees to book the exam for you. Please make sure the name you enter matches what’s on your passport.

Needed information

Please make sure that the information submitted is correct. I will not take responsibility if you enter a different name to what is on your passport – otherwise you will not have your exam results released to you. Exam boards require that your name is the same name that is on your passport, so please make sure that’s the case. You do not need to include middle names.

Online or in person?

If you’re taking an exam in person, please make sure to take your book with you; the examiner will only get in touch with me to request a copy of your music! If you’re preparing for an exam online, please be aware that each exam board has their own requirements, so be sure to follow their guidlines.