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eScooter review


eScooter Review in Milton Keynes

eScooter in Milton Keynes, review!

Just had a go on the eScooter! Not having had a go on it before, wasn’t too sure how it worked. So here’s the process.

Signing up was easy. You Can download the apps for either Spin, or Lime!

Things you need:

  • Provisional license + 18 or over.
  • Debit Card
  • Spin or Lime! App
  • You can use the following voucher code here: VICTORIAJANE to receive £5 (original blog post)


How to use:

Rest assured, they’re easy to use and stable, just place your weight forward enough so you won’t end up doing a wheelie! You need to use your feet to push off from and it’s easy to balance on. It will stop working if you go out of the “Trial Zone”. I was on one of the red ways which it says you’re able to use all 250km of the red-way’s system but it did suddenly stop on occasion, because there are restrictions currently in place. As soon as you head back to where you were allowed to ride.You’re also allowed to ride on minor estate roads (30mph limit or less)

You scan the QR code with the app to start the ride and to end the ride and you’ll be requested to send a photograph of how you parked the scooter.

How much is it?

It seem s that there is a £5 hold charge whilst you’re using it, whilst you ride. Otherwise it’s £0.25 per mile.

I hope it takes off here in Milton Keynes. It could be a handy way to get to your music lesson with Milton Keynes Guitar Tuition. 🙂

Here’s the break down of my ride:

For a 14 minute ride it cost £3.50 (28 Secklow Gate to Witan Gate), sales tax £0.58, fare £2.92.