Electric guitar lessons

Milton Keynes

What I can offer you.

Electric guitar lessons, Milton Keynes

 Beginner Guitar Lessons

Fancy learning some of your favourite tunes? You’ll need to master the basic chord progressions, strumming patterns and alternative picking techniques first.  Regardless of style, all basic techniques are the same. I’d recommend half hour lessons too.

 Jazz – Chord melody

As on acoustic guitar, you can of course learn to play jazz chord-melody tunes on electric guitar too. you’ll progress Your understanding of complicated chord structures will improve. You’ll start to play play chord & melody progressions with easy and style.

 Rock guitar

Teaching you how to play those complicated solos and chord progressions will help you advanced your understanding of how the two relate to one another. We can learn tunes that you’re interested in or follow the exam syllabus.


Struggling to improvise? Not sure how to create your own solos? Improvising on the guitar can be a scary thought. Chords and scales are all linked into one another but how do you make it sound less like a scale and more like a tune?

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