The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Guitar or Music Theory lessons

DofE Guitar Lessons

DofE Guitar & Theory

MK Guitar Tuition is an approved activity provider that can cater for the skills section allowing you to complete your DofE for the Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Within the hours’ lesson & practice time you’ll learn how to play the guitar.

DofE Guitar Lessons

Online or in person

With multi-camera angles and clear audio you’ll be surprised as to what’s possible. Learning online shouldn’t stop you. Contact me to find out more information via the contact form to see what it will be like to learn either online or in person.

DofE Guitar Lessons

Learning outcomes

Learning the guitar requires time and practice. It is a great way to complete your gold, silver or bronze award whether online in person or a mix. Learn, rock, jazz, classical, how to strum, for fun or for grades.

DofE Guitar Lessons

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All guitar lessons, whether completing your DofE or otherwise are bespoke to you. We all learn differently. Lessons are tailored to suit. I’ll fit in to your way of learning rather than you having to fit into my way of teaching. Contact for more info.

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MK Guitar Tuition (DofE)

Students accepted who are aged 7 and above.
All lessons are 1:1.
This will take effect after your introductory session
This will take effect after your introductory session
You will need an instrument to practice on.
Did you know exam syllabuses are also available for electric guitar?
If parent, what music are they into?
Please let me know when you'd potentially be free for a lesson. What music you're into, current ability and how you found the website. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! I'll respond as soon as I can.