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Learning to Strum

Video course / Webinar

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You’ll learn:

• Chord charts (The theory)

• Chord charts (The practical)

• Numbers on the grid

• Numbers off the grid

• What the symbols mean

• Horizontal & vertical lines

• What does F1 & F2 etc mean?

• Where to actually place the notes on the fretboard

• Learn how to read chord charts (theory)

• Learn how to read chord charts (practical)

• How to hold a plectrum

• Learn to strum all open chords in open positions (E A D B G & C, majors / minors & 7ths).

• Introduction to some barre chords

• Palm Muting

• Learn to strum the intro to ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.

CAGED System for Guitar

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To complete this course, you’ll need to know the following…

You’ll learn:

• Common open chords including, Major, Minors & 7ths

• Open up the fretboard and learn to play the same type of chord in a different positions

• Learn the order of notes for strings 6 5 and 4

• Improve the strength of fingers 3 & 4

• Improve barre technique

• Enjoy a clear visual representation with animations that represent each chord shape

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About Alex Partington

Playing since ’91

With a degree in music, grade 8 (classical guitar), grade 5 theory & an advanced knowledge in finger-style and electric guitar, it’s fair to say I have a lot of knowledge that I want to share with you whether you’re having an in person lesson or buying a digital product.