Requesting your tutorial

Bespoke guitar tutorials

How it works

Do you want your very own bespoke guitar tutorial? If so you’ve come to the right place. If the tutorial is not in the library, you can request what you want by filling out the contact form below. Video length 2-3 mins.

What you’ll get

Once the video has been created it will end up in the downloads table. Here you’ll be able to access the tutorial which will be free for 7 days. Thereafter a one time fee will be added to the purchase.

What it costs

If it’s not in the library your & you’re the first to request, it will be free. I’ll email you directly to let you know that your bespoke guitar tutorial is ready. You’ll need to create an account in the process.

Short vids

I can usually answer most questions within a 2-3 minute time frame. Your video will be to the point with no faff. Whilst the video will be short the answer will be clear and concise.

Slightly longer

Occasionally  videos require a more in depth explanation. Guitar tutorials that will require such lengths would be things like: harmonics, sweep picking etc.It may end up falling into the 20 – 30 minute category.

Guitar Courses

You could also request a guitar course which will be 20-30 minutes in length.It depends if I feel weather or not a 2-3 minute video will be a decent amount of time to answer your question.

Existing tutorials

Purchases are per tutorial, grades are bundles.

Download TitleSummaryPricePurchase
Pinched Harmonics on Guitar

Learn how to play all three types of harmonics on guitar. The pinched, natural and artificial.  

CAGED for guitar, explained. (VIDEO)

Unlock the power of the ‘CAGED’ & discover 720 chord shapes!

Charlie Dunn Jeff Walker

Strumming Tutorial & Chords.

Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 8

Available upon request.

Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 7

Available upon request.

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 6

Available upon request.

Free Download – Guitar Chord Chart & Scales!

  Looking for a clear and accurate chord chart? Download this free guitar chord chart, today.  

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 5

Heartbreaker, Wake Up, Are You Gonna Go My Way are available.

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 4

Song Demos, available except: She Sells Sanctuary

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 3

Demo for Grade 3 songs

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 2

Demo for Grade 2 songs

Trinity Rock & Pop – Grade 1

Demo for Grade 1 Songs


All demo purchases are non refundable and progress is dependant on individual.

Request your tutorial

Request your tutorial

Please provide me with a little bit of info about your playing ability.This will help me to cater the video to your level.
Tutorial content. Please explain what you would like instructional guitar video to be about.