Bass Guitar Lessons

Face to face, online, for fun or for grades.

Online or face to face.

Whether you’re interested in having face to face or online bass lessons in or from Milton Keynes, you’ve come to the right place. Face to face lessons are back and they’re fun too. Which ever way and what ever style you’d like to play, your guitar journey starts here.

For fun or for grades

Whether you want to learn for fun or for grades, you’ll make progress by learning tunes which you never thought about playing or ones of your own choosing. Either way you’ll progress and feel the reward. Grades 1-8 are available with Rock School or Trinity Rock & Pop.

Book your introductory.

Book an initial introductory, online or face to face.

Students accepted who are aged 7 and above.
Please specify which type of instrument you'd like help choosing for in your message below.
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Did you know exam syllabuses are also available for electric guitar?
If parent, what music are they into?
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All lessons are 1:1.
This will take effect after your introductory session
This will take effect after your introductory session
Please let me know when you'd potentially be free for a lesson. What music you're into, current ability and how you found the website. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! I'll respond as soon as I can.

Trinity Rock & Pop

Learning for grades? You’ll need these books.