Acoustic guitar lessons

Milton Keynes

 Beginner Guitar Lessons

Are you a complete beginner? Want to learn at your own pace or fancy taking an exam or two? You might also be completing your DofE, which ever route you want to go down all lessons are customised to suit you and your learning style.

 Electric but acoustic

Electric but acoustic is how I like to describe guitarist who love to play songs that are typically performed on a electric guitar, but instead you’re playing them on acoustic guitar. It’s a great way to try out electric guitar tunes if you’re unsure which genre you’d like to go follow.

 Finger-Style Guitar Lessons

Finger-style guitar is one of my areas that I feel super comfortable to teach. It’s a great way to break that routine particularly if you’re used to strumming and feel like you need an extra challenge. Improve your knowledge of chords & their structure.

 Jazz Chord Melodies

Those tunes where you can hear the bass, rhythm the melody, all at the same time, but on one guitar is a neat way in progressing your skills. The ‘chord melody’ technique is where the melody is played at the same time as the chords, rhythm and bass but sounds like several different people are performing at once.


Alex Partington