Acoustic guitar lessons

Back to basics

Learning to strum 

Learning to strum isn’t just for beginners. You might have been playing a while and perhaps you can play all sorts of fancy riffs and even be able to finger pick. It’s not uncommon to have ignored the basics once you’ve discovered other styles.

  Finger positioning

Finger placement on the fretboard is really important when it comes to avoiding common issues like fret buzz and note clarity. Thumb placement is also important for achieving the correct posture. Have a look at the photo in the slide (desktop).

It’s not just about distortion

Learning the acoustic guitar is actually one of the best ways you can improve the quality of your playing. Because there isn’t any distortion you’ll soon be able to hear what needs improving. In turn, you’ll improve dexterity finger strength and stamina.

  Learning to barre

Learning how to play a barre chord is one of the major milestones for beginner guitarists. It’s a difficult technique but when taught correctly it’s achievable with practice and it’s the stepping stone into the intermediate territory.

Acoustic guitar lessons

Intermediate techniques

The CAGED System

Confused by what the CAGED system actually is and how to apply it? I can show you how to apply the CAGED system from the very basic to the more advanced uses. You need to be able to some barre chord shapes to implement these techniques.

The finger-style method

Admittedly there’s only so much we can do when it comes to strumming. Whether you sing or you’re accompanying somebody else, you can make your performances a little bit more interesting by learning to finger pick your favourite melodies.

 Artificial & Nat. Harmonics

Whilst the pinched harmonic isn’t practical for the acoustic guitar the natural and artificial harmonics certainly are. Combining hammer-ons and pull-offs with artificial harmonics is a creative way of playing interesting melodies.

 Music Theory…

A little bit of music theory doesn’t hurt any body. Already able to improvise? Great! Why not have the power of both skill sets whilst increasing your ability as a guitarist? Learning to read doesn’t hinder your improvising skills.

Guitar Courses Available

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