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This blog post will help you to start and install the software for your music theory exam. If your software isn’t installing and you’ve taken the exam before, make sure you’ve delete all previous PSI software installations.

Online Music Theory Tuition

If you’re looking for online music theory tuition please contact me through the contact form. Alternatively you can check out my audio books for grades 1-3.

How to start the exam

Once your exam has been booked you’ll be able to log in to your account which your applicant can create for you. You’ll then see.a ‘Start Music Theory Exam’, button after you’ve logged in.

ABRSMs 'Start Music Theory Exam', button.

Registering the candidate

Once booked in by your teacher, your teacher will need to create an account for you to log in with using your usual email address.

During the registration process you will be sent a verification code which your teacher will need to confirm your account.

ABRSM creating an account

Safari Web Browser

If you are using Safari or as your internet explorer, you might want to switch to Chrome or Firefox for a reliable download.

Exam codes no longer needed

ABRSM's exam code

ABRSM’s update means that you no longer need to enter an exam code. Once you’ve installed the software the exam code is now within the link and will skip this step.

If you’re stuck on the Exam Code section, you need to delete all PSI Software files (including the trash) and try installing again.

Delete previous PSI software files

Once you’ve clicked the ‘start exam’ button and you’ve download the software, you’ll then be presented with the usual installation process for your chosen platform.

Once installed you’ll then need your passport or form of identification. Complete the required ‘room scan’, show your plan white paper (for notes) to the camera and no mobile phones!

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve taken a music theory exam before hand, you’ll need to delete the application and also the download pkg or exe software as it won’t install if you have either of these any where on your computer so check the downloads folder to be sure.

Installing the PSI software.

Be careful to select the correct location at ‘Destination Select’, when installing the software.

Need exam preparation help?

You might be learning the guitar or another instrument…

If you’re about to move onto grade 2 or 3, I have recorded the workbooks as audio books for grades 1 – 3. You can subscribe for £20 pcm, rent or buy the product. Click here for more info.

Good luck need some help?

Good luck with your exam. If you’re ready and you’re in need of some help please contact me to book you in with your Name, DOB, address, Grade level. Contact me