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Not all of us have the luxury of time available to complete your music theory grades. To be used in line with the ABRSM Music Theory work books you can use the audio that I’ve recorded to guide you to success. Whilst this may be true, you might still want to book a music theory lesson, either online or face to face.

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Music Theory Audio Books

Complimenting ABRSM’s Music Theory work books.

Guitar Lessons, Milton KeynesGrade 1  

You’ll be introduced to time values such as the semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver and semiquaver as well as their equivalent rests, tied notes & single dotted notes. Grade 1 Music Theory is an introduction to understanding the basics.

Guitar Lessons, Milton KeynesGrade 2  

Welcome to grade 2 music theory. In grade 2, you’ll be advancing your knowledge in the following areas: simple time signatures, grouping of notes and rests, extensions of the stave, relative major and minors, harmonic minor scales.

Guitar Lessons, Milton KeynesGrade 3

For grade three you’ll continue learning more about time signatures in compound time, an introduction to the demisemiquaver, notes on the stave (beyond two ledger lines) transposition between octaves, keys and scales of up to four sharps and flats.

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Grades 1/2/3

10 Emails – Ready 

There comes a time in every guitarist’s journey where you’re going to want to learn how to read music. These email journeys will take you chapter by chapter, one week at a time. You’ll be receiving the emails for free, but you’ll need to start a 30 day free trial with MKGT TV.

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