Guitar Lessons, Milton Keynes

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Guitar Lessons, Milton Keynes

I can teach you:

Classical • Acoustic • Electric • Bass • Music Theory

Music theory for guitarists

Maybe you’re a guitarist and can play really well but you struggle to understand the rhythms and reading music from written notation. Learning to read music can help you improve your playing.

Play your favourite tune

Do you want some help in working out your favourite tune whilst improving your co-ordination and technique? Perhaps you’re struggling with note clarity & rhythmical accuracy and need some help with technique.

Accuracy and speed

Do you struggle with playing the guitar at speed? I can help you play those fast tunes with clarity & confidence whether on electric, acoustic or classical guitar I can help you take your playing to the next level.


You can play rhythm guitar and sing all day long but perhaps you struggle to make up a melody? I can help you feel confident about improvising and step away from the written music.

Beginner Strumming patterns

Know a few chords but struggling to be coherent? I can help you to feel confident about your chord and strumming techniques. Not sure how to play that F chord? I can help with that too. Learning to barre will take your playing to the next level.

Exam preparation

I can help you prepare for exam on either the electric, acoustic & classical guitar. Music theory exams are also available with ABRSM. You do not have to be learning the guitar to complete your theory grades with MK Guitar Tuition.

Guitar Lessons, Milton Keynes

Playing the guitar since ’91

Alex Partington young guitarist
Alex Partington, Guitar Tuition
Alex Partington Young Adult guitarist

Guitar Lessons, Milton Keynes

About MK Guitar Tuition

Proudly independent.

Proudly independent

My name is Alex Partington and I run, own, teach and manage MK Guitar Tuition.  All lessons are on an individual basis and are bespoke to you. Learn for fun or with grades, music theory & DofE also available online or offline.

My aim as a business

My aim as a business is to provide bespoke music services which focus on developing you as a musician. Whether an adult or a youngster, lessons are on an individual 1:1 basis. Learn acoustic, electric, classical, bass or music theory – all at your own individual pace.


Accomplished musicians will be able to teach a wide range of styles whilst having in depth knowledge for either acoustic, classical, electric, bass or even music theory. You won’t need to swap teacher if you want to swap styles.


I try to make MK Guitar Tuition the place for all things guitar and music theory. That hasn’t changed. What has changed however, is that not only can lessons now be delivered in person, but also online. A good solution if you’re having a frantic week and can’t quite make it.

Guitar Lessons, Milton Keynes

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Guitar teacher – Alex Partington

Duke of Edinburgh Guitar Lessons

DofE Approved

Approved DofE activity provider

MK Guitar Tuition is an approved activity provider that can cater for the skills section. Learning an instrument takes time and many years so it’s a great way to achieve your DofE skills section and maybe even go beyond silver and all the way up to gold. You can learn online or offline so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Learning to Strum

with Alex Partington

Purchase this course and receive a free online 1:1 lesson.