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Benefits of online lessons, guitar / piano

Record Your Lesson

When the first lockdown came about people were rightly dubious about learning online, some stuck with it whilst others didn’t. But as time has moved on, industries and technologies have adapted to help make business and learning possible online for the foreseeable future. The one big benefit is being able to record some of your lesson to rewatch for a future date, which you probably wouldn’t have done before. Or at least, that advantage wouldn’t have been in the forefront of your mind.

We lead busy work / family lives, so learning guitar piano or music theory online, can be a juggling act with on top of what the commitments which you already have. So being able to record a part of your online lesson, is something which is invaluable for remembering what it is we worked on in a couple of days time. You don’t necessarily have to be in Milton Keynes to learn guitar, piano or music theory neither.


Save On Travel, Enjoy the Convenience

Saving money on travel and enjoying the convenience of learning guitar, piano or music theory online, means that you’ve freed up a little bit of travel money to spend on your technology and for the benefit which you’ll receive it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for what it is.

It’s convenient because it’s accessible, you potentially might not have found MK Guitar Tuition in Milton Keynes to even bother enquiring. Lessons are typically half hour, 45 minutes or an hour. So you might have previously struggled to get the kids organise so that one of them can have a music lesson. Online learning doubles the productivity because you’re potentially able to do something else. But on that note, it’s beneficial if you know what’s going on during your lesson even if it is online and helpful from my point of view too. Some just aren’t as organised as others!


High Quality Audio / Wifi

When Lockdown 1.0 came about, customers stayed and customers went, which largely depended on what equipment you had in the first place and whether you enjoyed learning that way. Those with an ‘office setup’, meaning a place where they worked and were organised and knew that they didn’t have to set up the equipment every time they had a lesson, generally speaking had a much easier time with learning online.

Even basic equipment can really add to whether learning online is enjoyable or not and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most kids these days have access to gaming technology which is

actually great for online learning. The headphones which they speak through online whilst gaming is 9/10 perfect for learning online – they already have the gear which can be used for learning guitar / music theory online. For electric guitar, audio interfaces are beneficial which over two months worth of fuel for driving to and from lessons, would happily pay for that.

Audio quality from me to you is great and after you’ve made some progress it’s worth considering, you’ll be able to record your self too. Ask for details.

Flexible Learning / Wifi

Learning online is flexible as you can learn from anywhere, logon from anywhere, but wifi reliability can be different in different places and it’s usually down to what you’re using. The wifi issue was usually down to the wifi card within the machine itself.

One customer had good internet speed but because the machine were a bit older than another model which they had, the wifi card wasn’t up to date with it’s wifi router. The newer machine meant the result was a lot better and more stable whilst using Zoom. iPads / Laptops with a gaming head set are best for a basic set up.

Now you’ve perhaps decided to learn online and that you’re not having to travel at all, you can use the money that you would have used for travelling and spend it on the technology which you’ll need for the foreseeable future. You could save it, but putting money back into the economy is probably better than it earning next to nothing on interest. Ask for details.

In different places?

Sometimes were in different places and it can feel like your missing out when otherwise you might have been in the same room watching your relative learn. If you still fancy knowing what’s going on during the lesson, some times it’s not the right style of learning, but the option is definitely there for you to login as well, but you will be muted, if you make too much noise ;).

How do I book an introductory lesson?

You can book an introductory lesson, for either half hour, 45 minutes or an hourly lesson to start with. Lessons are also available as a gift eVoucher, which you can purchase a one off for somebody else too. Check to see if I have availability for your preferred time slot.